Customize Your Email Signature In Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo

They appear at the bottom of an email and indicate the name of the person who writes to us, their position, other means of contact, such as postal address and/or telephone, and sometimes, a profile picture. Mail signatures are very common in work emails because they include useful information and offer a professional touch.

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Today, virtually any email client and online email service allow us to create and customize our email signature so that it appears at the bottom of our messages. In addition, thanks to HTML support it is relatively easy to design an email signature.

Next, we will see how to customize our mail signature in three of the most popular online mail clients and that we can use for personal or professional use. Both Gmail and Outlook and Yahoo! They offer this possibility, very easy to activate.

Mail Signature In Gmail

From Settings> General> Signature, Gmail makes it easy for us to customize our email signature using a maximum of 10,000 characters. As it says in the section in question, “It is attached at the end of all messages sent”.

The field in which to write the signature has controls to format it: fonts, various sizes, bold, italic, underline and colours, insert a link or an image, adjust the paragraph and even place a list.

In addition to filling in the corresponding field, we will have to click on the signature activation button, under No signature, and then click on Save changes.

Mail Signature In Outlook

To create an email signature in Outlook, in its online version, we must go to ** Quick Settings> See all Outlook settings> Settings> Mail> Compose and reply **. To begin, we will have to activate the two options below the signature field to activate the signature in new messages and in messages that we forward and/or respond.


In the signature field toolbar, we will find everything: font and font size, insert images, links and/or tables of contents, change the colour of the letter, insert lists, quotes or justify the text, etc.

If we have not checked the two options mentioned above, Outlook allows you to add the signatures to the messages manually. When we create a new email, just go to the Add signature option.

If you need to add, create or edit an email signature on the Outlook desktop client, you can see how to do it in this article.

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